Samsonite Omni Expandable Hardside Luggage With Spinner Wheels

Hello! Today I’m going to do Samsonite Omni PC Spinner review.  Samsonite omni pc spinner suitcase is one of the most affordable hardside check bags on the market. Let’s do carry on luggage review and see see some of its features. While everyone’s needs are different depending on if you’re using it for business or pleasure; the pros that a Samsonite Omni PC spinner user can enjoy include but not limited to are:

Samsonite Omni hardside spinner suitcase that gives you the optimal space for your travel essentials that’s both durable and price friendly while letting you choose from three options for sizes i.e.20-inch, 24-inch, and 28-inch have next features:


  1. Durability the omni PC games half its moniker PC from the material. It is born from polycarbonate is the tough stuff used in bulletproof glass.This leads us to believe that the hard candy shell of this beast is practically unbreakable but as it turns out it can be scratched the textured pattern of the exterior hides scratches well and keeps the style looking as intended storage. Hardside case made of 100% polycarbonate for strength and durability without the unbearable weight of the suitcase. The strong body ensures the safety of your travel items. Its special design keeps the case, lightweight. When it comes to storage the Samsonite Omni dominates so much. So we think it may be overcompensating the omni handily packed away are insane packing list with room to spare. We believe we could have also fit a climbing rope helmet and then some but just in case that wasn’t enough room the omni boasts an additional two inch expansion zipper security. Build Materials The polycarbonate construction makes Samsonite Omni a durable carrier for your travel essentials. Travel bags are expensive and cannot be bought every other day hence the durability and strength of this suitcase is a plus for those who love to travel often.
  2.  An Integral locking system, i.e., TSA compatible combination code locks mounted on sides to keep your luggage extra secure throughout the journey. It is a 3 digit code to keep it convenient to remember, the more unique the TSA lock code, more difficult it is to breach. The omni pc is light on features but is one of the only candidates with an integral locking mechanism that is saw approved. А three-digit combination lock that you can set to the combo of your choice is convenient clamshell packing offers the most convenience. When each side is well secured the omni pc provides one side of the clamshell with a full zippered net while the other is left to do battle with an elastic band weight.
  3. The spinner wheels its wheels can rotate 360 degrees or an amazing feature considering the effortless mobility that they offer and for the cons scuffs over time its cuffs over time specifically the burnt orange and radiant pink colors might make the scuffs and scratches a bit more visible. Four multidimensional spinner wheels that have been re-engineered to roll effortlessly in all directions with minimum force required to move the suitcase. No more having to carry a heavy piece of luggage on your next trip. The Spinner wheels that can rotate 360 degrees are an amazing feature considering the effortless mobility that they offer. Paired with the pull handlemeans you can pull your case with ease. The smooth movement helps to avoid exhaustion before reaching the destination and an excellent option for women, aged and sick people.
  4. Samsonite Omni offers clamshell style for packing which is both convenient and secure. The one side comes with a zippered net while the other is secured with an elastic band. For a perfect packing and organization of items, the suitcase has a full zip interior, cross straps, and dividers.
  5. Impact resistant body that flexes under stress and reconstructs to its original position. Impact resistant Long travels often lead to wear and tear of traveling bags and cases. This line of Samsonite bags have been made to flex under stress, then come back to its original shape. You can be worry free about any gadget, accessory or getting damaged while it is packed inside this suitcase.
  6. 2-inch expandable zippers that allow additional capacity when required. Capacity vs Body Ratio A travel bag is supposed to provide maximum space for packing, and that is precisely what the Samsonite Omni does. It not only provides ample space for packing but is also expandable, providing more capacity in case of over-packing.
  7. The color range is enough to cater to a variety of tastes while keeping the options limited enough not to overwhelm and confuse. The extremely scratch resistant micro-diamond texture that keeps the suitcase fresh even after a long trip and mishandling at airports. Eight catchy colors include plain Black for those who like things conventional, while for those who want things a little extra, this set also comes in Teal, Burnt Orange, Caribbean blue and Radiant pink.
  8. Limited warranty of 10 years and it’s work I told about the case with my friend Samsonite Spinner Luggage. Samsonite Luggage Honors Warranty! Warranty The individual suitcase, as well as the set, comes with a warranty that also ensures fulfillment of the promise made by the company, hence making it a great investment. Secure Ever lost your bag with multiple valuables in it or faced a broken lock leading to stolen goods? Well, the Samsonite Omni has this covered with side mounted TSA combination lock. The lock being TSA approved eliminates any inconvenience during airport security checks.
  9. Reasonably Priced While it may not be the cheapest suitcase out there (and you certainly do not want to collect garbage by paying an insignificant amount), however, it is not on the pricier side either. The price is somewhat a balance between the costs and features and even greater on sales or special discounts packages.

There are some disadvantages, but there are not more than advantages:

  1. It’s not the most favorable suitcase for those looking for a compact piece of luggage. The size of the 20-inch model can exceeds the maximum limit of some airlines depending on the size of their overhead bins. It would be wise to double check the size requirements of the airlines you’ll be flying on.
  2. Scuffs Over Time – Specifically the Burnt Orange and Radiant Pink colors might make the scuffs and scratches a bit more visible. But this can be solved with the help of a protective cover.
  3. Wheels Break if Abused – The small multidimensional spinner wheels can break if mishandled as most people are not accustomed to using 4 wheels in a suitcase.

A detailed Samsonite Omni review shows that this model would be perfect for those who don’t like to babysit their suitcases protected by ordinary locks and don’t want to compromise on durability, Samsonite Omni offers the perfect combination of safety and strength. With the amazing color options like teal and radiant peak, this suitcase does not compromise on individual style either.

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