Review of the Popular Suitcase & Travel Brand

You are faced with the choice of which suitcase to buy when you have more than $ 100 in your pocket. Now there are a lot of suitcases and their choice is just confusing, so I decided to help travelers so that they would be forgiven to find a smart suitcase. In this article, I’m going to review the luggage Away and see if it’s worth the money. This is a premium suitcase that has its own characteristics and benefits for you:



1. This is a material. Away suitcases look very sturdy in appearance. The company says the cases are made of softer plastic to prevent damage from knocks and drops, and nylon, which is water resistant and more flexible than the polycarbonate version.

2. Retractable handles. The suitcases have two handles, one on the top and one on the side. Some models have main handles on both sides of the bag, which, thanks to the retract function, minimize their snagging on other objects. This is especially useful when traveling in tight spaces or when you need to leave luggage.

3. Smooth and comfortable retractable handle. The main handle that you will use when folding the bag has a nice texture and comfortable grip. The handle extends and retracts smoothly.                                                                                                                                  

4. High quality zippers. Away uses YKK AquaGuard zippers, which are water-repellent and are a tough and durable upgrade to the standard zippers found on most suitcases.

5. Durable wheels. Very often the wheels break first, especially on four-wheeled suitcases. Away uses wheels developed by the Japanese company Hinomoto, one of the leading wheel manufacturers. They look larger and more durable than other premium luggage.

6. Well-Designed Bays. The organizational bays inside are actually very well-planned. On one side, there is a slot for more sophisticated items like shoes and toiletries. The other side is for clothing, with compression pad and shoulder straps. The lining also allows small items to be stored inside. The large, extended carry bag also features a front pocket with multiple compartments. The pocket has several useful slots for small and large items. In fact, the larger slot can easily accommodate a larger laptop, which might be something to consider if you’re a minimalist traveler. If you’re only traveling with this bag, you might want to consider a model with this front pocket.


7. Waterproof laundry bag. At the bottom of the garment area is a removable laundry bag that can be used to store wet or very dirty items without worrying about others.


8. Built-in locks. The locks are built in and are TSA compliant and will give you some peace of mind in situations where you might have to leave your suitcase unattended, such as when you have a hotel where your luggage is kept after check-out.

9. Easy to remove battery. The carry-on bag holds a 37W retractable Li-ion battery to charge your devices. Thanks to the battery, you can get three to four full charges on your average smartphone using the battery, and the battery comes with a two-year warranty in the event of battery failure or no charge.

10. Warranty service. For me, one of the main advantages of the bag was that the suitcases have an unlimited lifetime warranty. This means that Away will cover any damage to the case, wheels, handle and zippers. Plus the fact that the company is so confident in its product that it offers a 100-day trial period: Away gives you 100 days to try and test the bag. That is, if during the trip this baggage does not suit you, you can safely give it. Such is the test drive of the suitcase.

To summarize, I believe the Away suitcases deserve your attention if you travel frequently and are looking for something more durable and thoughtful. Suitcases start at $ 225, but remember that you have a 100-day trial period that will allow you to try this suitcase.

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